Name of Coordinator:SHABEENA BACKER
Assistant professor (ASAP Master trainer)
Dept. Of English


Additional skill Acquisition Programme ,commonly known as ASAP is a much appreciated initiative of the General and Higher Education Departments of Kerala. It’s an ambitious programme with the objective of tackling the issue of growing unemployment in the state due to the lack of skill factor.The project got beautifully unwrapped in the year 2012 with the motive to improve the communication and technical skills of the students along with some vocational skills ,which will prepare them for a job market.Through the years this beautiful scheme proved quite successful in fulfilling the dream behind.S.E.S college set out it’s journey with ASAP in 2015 and continues its success story with quality number of programmes ,it did undertake inside and outside the campus.The forum many a time came to media coverage for the novelty and variety of the programmes ,the forum organised.To Top it all, we have successfully completed three batches with some student trainers to our credit.The forum has a facebook page ,where it showcases the creative endeavours of students enrolled.The forum works under the supervision of Principal -Dr .Dominic Thomas,Faculty coordinator - Shabeena Backer, S.D.C Programme Manager -Neethi Ebraham and S.D.E. Sovin Thomas. ASAP FORUM S.E.S college strives hard to be productive by unlocking the repertoire of potentialities inherent in our students.


Skilled human resource is the need of the hour because the world is making unseen strides in every walks of life ,where the fit survives.In this era of globalisation ,Proficiency in a lingua franca is an essential prerequisite to be active,participative and productive.The art of training ASAP renders has created significant impacts upon the education system of the state in general and it has delivered quality training to students on English communication skills ,IT skills and one vocational skill for students in particular.Through the industry and academia linkages,the initiative empowers students in a miraculous way.


S.E.S college embarked on the project of Additional skill acquisition programme in 2015 by encouraging our students to attend the programmes of ASAP being conducted in different parts of the district. The foundation course of ASAP got going in 2016 with a batch of 25 students ,all of whom successfully completed foundation and skill course with outstanding grades.After the first batch successfully completed their 300 hours ,out of which 180 hours for communication and 120 hours for IT ,the second batch of 25 students did begin.ASAP forum S.E.S college with its zest organised various novel ventures ,which captivated students and that in fact resulted in the third and fourth batch of 30 students.The enrolled students revamped with their expedition with ASAP .The forum is really proud to mention two of our students Arya and Megha ,who are working as Skill Development Executives of ASAP at different schools and colleges ,which highlights the fruitful effectuation of the scheme.ASAP forum renders activities for the entire student community of the college to equip them with better confidence to come forward and to speak up.


Additional skill acquisition programme ASAP comprises foundation module, Skill Course, and internship.The foundation module encompasses 180 hours of English Speaking Skills ,basic IT skills and internship. The modules also throw some light on personality development of the student. The students will be given training in any of the skill course based on the interest and aptitude.The idea of internship is impart the essential skills required to sustain in current job market.It acts as a linkage between text and work.The students get exposed to market requirements.It communicates to them to get updated to the fast changing world .ASAP also attempts to provide placement assistance for the students.The project which took birth with realisation that kerala has the human resource and the potential to soar to greater heights and the scheme proved successful in bridging possible gaps of knowledge and skill.


ASAP forum S.E.S college always has a grandstand with its attempt to be better and best with all the possible nifty enterprises it undertook.With the zest of doing more and better ,the forum organised multiple activities in the academic year 2019- 2010 also as it did with foregoing years.The activities of the forum started with the distribution of ASAP signature welcome note handouts for first year students ,which is encoded with maxims .sessions of ASAP turned out to be more stimulating and formative through brainstorming activities which included individual and group demonstration by the students and new gen activities like tiktok video making. ASAP S.E.S award day is done as a part of classroom activities ,where awarding of BEST PERSONALITY, BEST EMERGING LEADER AND OUTSTANDING performer is announced and appreciated.One of the most significant activity of the year was the preparation of placards which exhorted the importance of refusal of single use plastic .The initiative was under the title ‘CHOOSE TO REFUSE’.The placards got posted in different corners of the campus to instill a feeling of promoting nature friendly lifestyle.One of our Asapians Nandana Rajan started anchoring in a local television channel, which herself says is a result of the tutelage of ASAP and she also got a chance to speak about her journey with ASAP in the annual district ASAP meeting convened at collectorate in the presence of District collector and other dignitaries.The most important achievement of the forum is the selection got for our students to take part in ‘REBOOT KERALA HACKATHON’ ,an initiative by the higher education department,Government of kerala and ASAP. In the event mostly technical institutions got selected and our college is one of the least minimum Arts and Science colleges, which got selected.The experience students got out of this practical learning experience is beyond words. ASAP continues its stimulating efforts during the corona lockdown period by shifting to all the digital platforms possible.