Principal's Message


Education is a highly potent too for social reconstruction, economic mobility, cultural upgradation, individual refinement and spiritual enlightenment. The quality of education that one receives determines the quality of all transactions that one engages in. S.E.S. College was established in 1981 to provide quality higher education to the intelligent and promising youngsters of this typically rural area, who otherwise would have been deprived of the fruits of higher learning and its associated benefits. We have travelled over three decades now and the journey has been encouraging and rewarding to a great extent.

However, there are certain areas where we can contribute further to nation building. As an affiliated college, imparting education mainly at undergraduate level, we have been performing well in the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge. Where we have to give added thrust now is the production of knowledge, especially in the context of our nation moving towards being the world leader within a decade or two. Thanks to the exponential growth in science and technology cutting across all barriers, our students too have access to the latest knowledge, which I request them to make use of for producing knowledge and be an ‘uploading’ generation rather than being merely a ‘downloading’ set of people.

I hope that with the motivation from a visionary management, committed teachers and non-teaching staff, and enterprising students, we would be able to achieve that mission and be beneficial to the society around and the nation as well.

Formar Principals

  • Prof. K J Kuriakose [1981-1995]

  • Dr. V P Raghavan [1995-2005]

  • Dr. A M Muraleedharan [2007-2015]