Management Committee- Governing Body


Sreekandapuram Educational Society(S.E.S.) was started in the year 1976 under the visionary leadership of Mr.K.M. Varghese, and registered in the same year under Societies Act(Reg. No 285/76). The society envisaged to cater to the academic aspirations of the people in the nearby Panchayaths. The institution had a humble beginning as a junior college affiliated to Calicut University, offering pre-degree courses.

Our Founders

Society membership pattern

The society members are divided into four classes (Class A to Class D).

Class Description
Class A Class A contains three (3) permanent members. These three members constitute the Executive committee. They meet every month to monitor the activities of the Society.
Class B Class B contains 21 members. These members are known as permanent Director Board members. The class B members meet every three months and monitor the activities of the society.
Class C Class C contains 22 members. These members are known as permanent Governing Council members. The class c members meet every six months to discuss various matters of the society.
Class D The class D contains 214 members. These members are known as ordinary members. The class D members meet every year to discuss various matters and to elect executive committee members.

Apart from regular meetings, all four class members (General Body) meet every year.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the society constitutes nine members. Executive Committee members are elected by General Body in every three years. The Executive Committee meets every month and is responsible for taking various decisions. The committee members are elected from the classes with the member distribution mentioned below:

Class Members
Class A 3
Class B 2
Class C 1
Class D 3

Managing Committee

The managing committee contains ten members (all executive committee members and the college principal- as the ex-officio member). The managing committee monitors each and every activity of the society, especially of the College on a daily basis.

Succession of Managers

Year Manager
1976 - 2000 Mr.K.M.Varghese
2000 - 2002 Prof. A.O. Thomas
2002 - Mr. Vinil Varghese

Management Committee Members

Position Member
President Sri. Vinil Varghese
Vice President Sri. John Kallat
Sri. K. J. Thomas
Secretary Prof. V.D. Joseph
Joint Secretary Sri. K. K. Chandran Nambiar
Dr. Manu Joseph
Treasurer K.T. Ibrahimkutty Haji
Members Dr. Maisy Oommen
Adv. Muhammed Anas. M.P.
Ex-Officio Member Dr. Dominic Thomas