B.Com(Bachelor of Commerce)

A Bachelor of Commerce, abbreviated as B.Com is an undergraduate degree in commerce and related subjects. The course is designed to provide students with a wide range of managerial skills and understanding in streams like finance, accounting, taxation and management.Department of Commerce, S.E.S College, Sreekandapuram offered B.Com with elective Co-operation.

Name of the programme Duration Total Seats Total Seats in 2020-21
B.Com 3 Years ( 6 Semesters) 24+5= 29 34

Eligibility for Admission Admission Procedure
A pass in Higher Secondary Examination of the
state or an Examination accepted by the University
as equivalent thereto provided that the candidates
coming from Non-Commerce group should have
at least 45% of the aggregate marks
Centralised admission by Kannur University


Assessment Weightage Marks
External 4 40
Internal 1 10
*20 marks for theory and 20 marks for practical for courses having practical (IT in business)


Component Weightage Remarks Marks
Internal Test 2 Two tests 6
Assignment / Seminar/ Viva 1 Individual or group 4


Assessment Weightage Marks
External 4 20
Internal 1 5

Courses offered under BCom Programme

Semester Course Title Hours/ Week
1 English Common Course I 5
1 English Common Course II 4
1 Additional Common Course I 5
1 Management Concepts and Principles (1B01 COM) 5
1 Business Statistics and Basic Numerical Skills(1A11 COM) 6
2 English Common Course III 5
2 English Common Course IV 4
2 Additional Common Course II 5
2 Functional Applications of Management (2B02 COM) 5
2 Quantitative Techniques for Business Decisions (2C01 COM) 6
3 Entrepreneurship development (3A12 COM) 5
3 Advanced Accounting (3B03 COM) 4
3 Course I from Elective Stream(Co-operative Principles) I/II/III/IV (3B04 COM) 5
3 Business Regulatory Framework(3C02 COM) 5
4 General Informatics Skills (T+P) (4A13 COM) 5(3+2)
4 Environmental Studies and Disaster Management (4A14 COM) 5
4 Corporate Accounting (4B05 COM) 6
4 Course II from Elective Stream-(Management of Co- operatives (4B06 COM) 5
4 Corporate Law and Business Regulations (4C04 COM) 4
5 Business Research Methodology (5B07 COM) 4
5 Income Tax law and Practice (5B08 COM) 5
5 Cost Accounting (5B09 COM) 5
5 Banking Principles and Operations(5B10 COM) 5
5 Course III from Elective Stream- Co-operative laws (5B11 COM) 4
6 Generic Elective Course (5D-- COM) 2
6 Financial Markets and Services (6B12 COM) 4
6 Management Accounting (6B13 COM) 5
6 Auditing and Corporate Governance (6B14 COM) 5
6 Income Tax and GST (6B15 COM) 5
6 Course IV from Elective Stream- Co-operative Accounting and Legislations (6B16 COM) 4
6 Project (6B17 COM) 2