Department Of Chemistry


A Degree Course in Chemistry was formally started in S.E.S. College in the year 1993. The department consisted of seven members of teaching faculty and a strength of 20 students. Since its inception, the Dept. of Chemistry has striven to scale great heights of academic excellence. The Department offers core subjects in the field as well multidisciplinary subjects. The Dept. regularly conducts seminars, workshops, lectures, debates and quiz contests to sharpen the skills and broaden the intellectual horizons of the students. Our students also actively engage in extension activities like testing of water quality parameters in the neighbouring villages.

Most of the students who have passed out from the college are well placed in various fields. Eight of our students have found employment abroad in countries like U.S.A., U.K., Japan and Korea. There are five students doing research in universities in India and abroad. Several students are well placed in schools, colleges and other institutions across the country. We can say with a sense of pride and satisfaction that the activities of the Department borne fruit to a great extent and contributed to the upliftment of the academic community in our locality.