Committees & Associations

The College Council consists of the Principal, Heads of Departments and two elected members of teaching staff, N.C.C. and N.S.S. Programme Officers. The council advises the Principal in all academic and administrative matters of the college.

The committee keeps watch on the conduct of students in and outside the college and assists the Principal in maintaining discipline in the campus. It has power to inquire and report to the Principal instances of misconduct and recommend disciplinary action against the culprits.

Co-ordinator: Sri. Baby Thomas, Associate Professor and HOD, Dept. of English

A steering committee comprising representatives of Management, the Principal and Heads of Departments has been constituted to expedite NAAC accreditation for the college. The committee oversees and coordinates all activities and efforts to this end.The IQAC has become successful in getting the NAAC accreditation.

Co-ordinator: Sri. Baby Thomas Associate Professor and HOD, Dept. of English

The association fosters good rapport between the parents and the teachers so as to ensure smooth functioning of the college. it also enlists the support and participation of the parents in the activities of the college. All parents and recognized guardians as well as teachers are its members.

PTA Secretary : Sri. Baby Thomas, Associate Professor, and HOD Dept. of English

The Alumni association enables former students to keep in touch with their Alma Mater. The association organizes various activities and takes up ventures for the development of the college. Meeting and gatherings provide them opportunity for reunion.

Co-ordinator : Dr. Sateesan P. Associate Professor, and H.O.D Dept. of Hindi

A College Union consisting of elected representatives provides opportunities for the student community to actively participate in the academic and co-curricular activities of the college. The College Union functions under the guidance of a staff advisor.

Smt Sheela.M.Joseph.Associate Professor, and HOD Dept. of Physics

A unit of NCC attached to the college gives training to selected students to build healthy minds and bodies. It instills in the cadets a sense of discipline and service and helps them to develop leadership qualities and a spirit of adventure.

NCC Care Taker: Preju K. Paul, H.O.D Assistant professor ,H.O.D Dept of Physical education

There are two units of the National Service Scheme in the college. NSS inclucates a sense of service in the students and prompt them to work for the welfare of the society and the progress of the country. Eligible NSS volunteers are entitled to 5% grace marks for their future studies

Programme Officers: Samson Raja. M Assistant professor Dept of English
Smt.Shyna Janardhanan, Assistant professor, Dept of English

Fine Arts Club namcd "Souparnika " provides opportunity for students to develop their artistic tastes and talents. Arts festivals and cultural programmes are organized regularly so that students can learn and display their natural gifts.

Staff Co-ordinator Smt. Sheela.M. Joseph, Associate professor and H.O.D Dept of Physics

Book Club endeavours to instill in the students a love of books and reading. It also nurtures the literary tastes of students. In association with P.T.A., an award for the best reader is given every year.

Staff Coordinator: Sri. Mathew Kuriakose, Associate professor, Dept of Physics

The Nature Club aims to create environmental awareness and love of nature. It conducts campaigns to keep the campus green and clean. Tours are organized to have a contact with nature and wildlife

Staff Co-ordinator: Sri. samson Raja's, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English

The primary objective of the club is to promote awareness of tourism development programmes and policies among youth. The club is affiliated to the District Tourism Promotion Council, Kannur.

Staff Co-ordinator: Dr.Sreekumar N M. Assistant Professor and H O D. Dept of Economics.

The aim of the club is to inculcate in the students a spirit of entrepreneurship. Club organizes workshops, seminars,interaction with professional agencies,industry visits and entrepreneur awareness programmes.

Staff Co-ordinator: Smt Anumol Thomas Assistant professor Dept of Commerce

The club promotes folklore arts that are on the verge of extinction. Various programmes and shows are organized to popularize folk culture among students.

Staff Co-ordinator Dr.Philomina K V Associate professor and H.O.D Dept of Malayalam

The club organizes seminars, quiz competitions, study tours and research projects to arouse the interest of students in science.

Staff Co-ordinator: Sri Joseph chiramattel, Associate professor Dept of Physics

The club organizes debates on topics of current interest and social relevance.

Convener: Smt. Sheela M Joseph, H.O.D & Associate professor Dept of Physics

The objective of the club is to arouse interest in health, fitness and sports. It provides facilities and opportunities for training in sports and games.

Convener: Sri Preju.K.Paul, Assistant professor and H.O.D Dept. of Physical Education

A Network Resource is working in the college with the grant from UGC. The centre provides internet access facility to the students and staff of our college. Phone Number: 2231200.

Staff club is a platform for the teaching and non teaching staff to express their care and concern for each other. The club takes initiative to honour the staff members who have made remarkable achievements. It is the duty vested in the club to organise farewell programs.

President: Dr. Satheesan.P Associate professor and H.O.D Dept of Hindi