Institutional Distinctiveness

The institution was set up with the noble cause and wonderful dream of educating a rural community. The college has remained committed to this ideal from the beginning years.Education was the cause that the founders addressed and the college proved quite successful in rendering the same. Though regional disadvantages were there. It was a much appreciated college under the University of Kannur with its notable results and students progression. The management of the college always has a strong stand regarding the quality of education the college offers. Examples proved that our students though coming from poor backgrounds and with limited exposure have acquired skills for life along with the quality education. The college aims at the holistic development of the students, and this is achieved giving the students a whole range of curricular , co-curricular and extra curricular activities. The college has a large number of clubs functions on the campus, which provide the students the much needed skill quotient for their growth. Various student support programmes in the college organise programmes to engage ,educate, and equip the students for a better tomorrow. The village outreach programme by the NSS units of the college gave various opportunities for the students to develop as conscientious citizens empowered for self employment and a spirit of inclusivity. The college opened horizones of learning for a marginalized community to help them to come to forefront through providing formal education.